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Technology Features


Basic Configuration

Advantages of this Food Wagon Trailer:


1.  Stainless steel working platform: Our food trailer with this working table,you can make food on it.

2.  Stainless steel cabinets: There are partitions between these cabinets,that convenient to sort items.

3.  Led light: There will be 1 or 2 Led light on the celling of the trailer,it depends on the size of the trailer.

4.  Sockets: There will be two sockets installed in the trailer,and the sockets is fit your country’s standard.And if you need to more sockets,pls contact the saler to confirm.

5.  Single sink: Our trailer’s standard is with single sink,if you need double sinks or more,you need tell the salers too.they will change it for you.

6.  Water pump and adapter and pipes: 12V water pump for the water running,and the adapter is 100V-240V that can meet any country’s Voltage.

7.   Water tanks: our basic configuration with two water tanks,one is for clean water,one is for waste water.and each tank is 10L.

8.   External power interface: total two part,one part is installed on the trailer,the other part is separated,the separated part need install the wire,then contact the two part,all the wire in the trailer can work.

9.   Extension platform: there will be a extension platform under the sales window,it can make more space for put on the food,or for customers to eat food.

10. The taillight system: Standard taillight system,contact to your car,then it can works when you operate your car.

11. Fireproof insulation cotton: near 4cm thick fire insulation cotton,it can can prevent overheating or too cold inside the is in the middle of the trailer's body.

12. Package: During the transportation of goods, it is inevitable that some collisions will occur due to waves and other reasons.Therefore, good packaging is necessary. Our packaging is very serious, the body is wrapped in thick pearl cotton,Can protect the product from damage to the greatest extent.