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Technology Features

Name: Popcorn machine
Model: NMB SM01
Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.2kw
Size: 560*420*740mm
Price: $150
high capacity for commercial use.
Nonstick coating liner.
thick machine shell.
3D rotary heating technique.
360°transparent design.
guarantee popcorn's hardness.
Uniform heating, easy burst, high rate of blasting, avoid the waste.
microcomputer chip is used to achieve easy operation.
upgrade heating method and increase heating area.
good taste attract more customers.
acrylic material safety door(Shockproof,sound insulation,High temperature resistance).

Basic Configuration

chinese characteristic machine body.
Thermal insulation lamp(Enclosed heating and constant temperature device,keep the popcorn, long heat preservation and delicious).
cooling hole at the machine bottom(guarantee the machine's normal cooling).
three switch is easy to know and use.
largr stainless steel slag chute at bottom,it's convinient to get to wash.
Anti skid mat at bottom, to avoid machine's shaking when work.

Customized Equipments

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