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Technology Features

Name: Double layers western hamburger machine
Model: NMB SM04
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.8KW
Size: 390*430*220mm

Basic Configuration

Fast heating, double layer Western hamburger machine
indicator lights show the whole operation process: Alarm lamp:The preset time will automatically alarm and turn on the red light
Heating lamp:The orange lamp lights up when it is heated, and goes out when it is not heated
Power light: green light will be up after the power is switched on
Using aluminum alloy heating baking plate,closely combined with the heating pipe, which has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating, high heat energy utilization, saving electricity and time
Imported non stick coating layer, clean and convenient, avoid burnt food
German quality temperature control,50-300℃,wide area temperature control
Integral forming base without welding point,fast thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, high precision, luxurious and beautiful
Height adjustment knob to adjust Distance between upper and lower layers

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