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Technology Features

Widely used for Application

1,could sell any types food,snacks such as donut,ice cream,Hamburger,hot dog,Popcorn,bread,etcs,pls note,we could install  these food equipment all well for before you let us quote for you,pls tell me what food equipment do you want

2,A outdoor mobile shop,sell any kinds products such as book,glass wear,cloth, decoration  accessory etc as you want

3,As a company activity Promotion,Company propaganda etc


Model: Name brand-023

Body Size: 3000*1650*2350cm

Weight: 650KG
Max loading: 1700KG

Feature: single axis 

Single axis 2 wheels food trailer

Big inside space with working table,Cabinet,water systems,electric systems

If you want to buy a larger size also with very economic invest,this one is your best choice.

Different color case show

bbq food trailer

fast food trailer



Basic Configuration

What include inside of our BBQ fast food trailer for basic configure?

1. sink with tap,water pump,fresh water tank,waster water tank.

2. stainless steel table.

3. Storage platform.

4. cabinet door.

5. Extension goods rack.

How to solve the electric problem?

1. External power supply(youself find the electric to connect with External power jack out of our food trailer).

2. we supply you the electric generator which could supply all equipment electric problems.

Which one you choose?