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Technology Features

How does this custom food truck product?
1. 3D free design for you-make your food truck internal structure more scientific, reasonable and convenient operation
2. Welding-Our welding workers are more than 50 years old. All their life are in this steel welding work,which could ensure you the strongest welding top quality, let the trailer working life more longer. The other company young welding worker could not compare with us of the welding quality
3. Steel base chassis and firm wheel shaft-We treated two times paiting with well rust resistant protective. Maximum speed: 100km/h (Because we are firm shaft, high speed very safty)
4. Dense steel structure-make the food truck stronger and more durable
5. Fire proofing middle insulation-3mm thickness energy saving and fire insulation layer
6. Two layers floor-when people walking on, it will be more stable and non-slip
7. Food truck body-0.7mm color steel plate+20mm cube steel structures+0.77mm color steel plate+3 times waterproof paiting+1 time shiny process
8. Food truck appearance-with more excellent brightness and more beautiful

Basic Configuration

Basic Configuration of our Custom Food Truck:
Dimension: 6000×2100×2600mm  (19.68x6.89x8.53 ft)                                                                                                                        
Material:Color steel plate+ heat insulation layer+ color steel plate wall
Equipment List of the Custom Food Truck:
1. Double side stainless steel work bench
2. Aluminum alloy floor
3. Stainless steel cabinet
4. Water system
5. Electrical system, LED light, Socket (country standard)
6. Tail Light electric system
7. Lifting jack
8. Exterior power outlet
Customized Equipments of this Custom Food Truck:
1. 4 combination sink       L=1.5m
2. Gas water heater          335*140*530mm(1.1*0.46*1.74ft)
3. Gas turkey barbecue    450*600*830mm(1.47*1.97*2.72ft)
4. Gas fryer                       505*505*460mm(1.66*1.66*1.51ft) 17L
5. Gas Griddle                   550*500*295mm(1.8*1.64*0.97ft)
6. Gas Grill                         600*650*470mm(1.97*2.13*1.54ft)
7. Gas stove*4                    570*650*470mm(1.87*2.13*1.54ft)
8. Salad refrigerator           1500*600*800mm(4.92*1.97*2.62ft)
9. Workbeach freezer         1200*600*800mm(2.94*1.97*2.62ft)
10. Food warmer                700*570*250mm(2.3*1.87*0.82ft) 220V,1.5KW
11. Range Hood                 900*410*835mm(2.95*1.34*2.74ft)   (220V,200W)
12. Gas tank
13. Breaker
14. Generator Box
Custom Food Truck Inside Details:


Highlight of our Custom Food Truck:

1. Food-grade high quality – Stainless steel fittings and interiors make sure your cart gives you many years of service and super easy to clean
2. Lockable&Secure – No matter where you park, your trailer is safe with a high security lock on door
3. Super strong body – Made from color steel and insulating layer
4. Wiring and power outlets –Ready to plug and play, signed off and certified by International standards
5. Internal lighting –Carefully selected LED lighting gives you all the light you need to insure production
6.12-month warranty – Your investment is safe and secure. If you have any dramas with workmanship on your cart, let us know and we will sort it out as quickly as we can
7. Dedicated after sales help and support – Got a question? We are happy to help
8. Easy add-on equipment – Select from our range. We will fit to your cart for you or supply your own and you can fit it when your cart arrives


Customized Equipments

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