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Technology Features

Main Feature of our Small Scale Food Truck Trailer:

What include inside for basic configure?

1. sink with tap, water pump,fresh water tank,waster water tank

2. stainless steel table 

3. Storage platform 

4. cabinet door

5. Extension goods rack 

Size: 2300*1650*2300

How to solve the electric problem of the Small Scale Food Truck Trailer?

1. External power supply(youself find the electric to connect with External power jack out of our food trailer)

2. we supply you the electric generator which could supply all equipment electric problems

Detail images show

small scale food trailer

Basic Configuration

What include inside the small scale food truck trailer for basic configure?

Henan Name Brand Machinery Co.,Ltd

1. Sink with tap,water pump,fresh water tank,waster water tank

2. Stainless steel table

3. Storage platform

4. Cabinet door

5 Extension goods rack

Size: 2300*1650*2300